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If you struggle with your weight, you’re certainly not alone. Because of this, the knowledgeable staff at our location in Folsom, California, are able to provide individualized medical weight-loss services for you. If you’re ready to take a new approach to losing weight, book a visit online or over the phone today.

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Our Medical Weight Loss Service Is More Than A Look, It’s A Lifestyle.

Losing weight in a healthy way and keeping it off for a long time can be a very frustrating and hard thing to do on your own. At our weight loss clinic, we offer everything for managing weight, from nutrition counseling and custom diets to exercise lessons.

The signature weight loss plan

Is the "state of the science of a 12-week weight loss program and product line determined by looking at the latest scientific research? The products include synergistic ingredients that help promote optimal metabolism for active weight loss.

The Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

The signature weight-loss plan significantly improves your quality of life. We offer specific protocols for medical weight loss in three separate phases:

  1. Starting phase
  2. Weight Loss phase
  3. Maintaining / Sustaining phase

FDA  approved medications for weight loss

Obesity poses serious and concerning health risks. If you're struggling to lose weight, Kamyar Farhangfar, MD, a medical weight loss specialist, offers effective and personalized weight management programs at the Destiny Health Clinic to help you achieve a healthy weight. The knowledgeable team recognizes that effective weight management includes nutritional counseling, stress management, medications, and other personalized methods. Book your consultation or call either Folsom, CA, office today.

The Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

    Welcome to Numetra, a program that will assist you in losing weight and living a healthy life for many years to come! We're glad you're here and ready to get started. We believe in following the evidence at the Destiny Health Clinic. Decades of research show that medically supervised meal replacement plans, when combined with exercise, nutrition, and behavioral strategies that we will teach you along the way, are one of the safest and most viable weight management strategies. The Numetra program will help you lose weight faster and live a healthier life. You must commit to all four program phases for the best results. Consider it your journey to a lifetime of better health and well-being. Weight control is a lifelong process.


Screening phase

Screening phase: Our medical provider will determine your readiness and needs through a thorough history and physical exam. An EKG and lab work may be performed. Medication is changed as needed. To set realistic goals, you'll discuss an appropriate program with the doctor and nutritionist.

Reduction phase

Numetra products may be your only food during this period of rapid weight loss, or they may be combined with healthy meals, depending on your prescribed plan. Although the products are nutritionally complete, they provide fewer calories than your body requires to maintain its current state. Other calories are obtained from your body's fat stores.

Adapting phase

During this stage, you will gradually reduce your use of Numetra products and begin to incorporate more grocery items into your daily diet. The calories you consume will be adjusted so that you stop losing weight while still effectively managing your weight.

Sustaining phase

During the Sustaining Phase of the program, you will eat grocery store foods and practice your new lifestyle and weight management skills with the help of Westchester Women's Medical Healthcare's support staff. You will continue to work with a clinician to adjust your calories and meal plan so that you can maintain your new body weight while meeting your nutritional requirements. It is critical to continue attending your scheduled visits during the sustainment phase. A combination of regular exercise, sensible eating, and social support can help you maintain your weight loss.

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